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Englische Sprüche

Einen flotten, coole englische Sprüche für jede Situation auf Lager zu haben, hat schon was für sich. Wenn diese dann auch noch in der angesagtesten Sprache der Welt, dem Englischen, daher kommen, umso besser. Wir haben die Sammlung mit den richtigen Flow für die Show.

Kurze englische Sprüche

Englische Weisheit in aller Kürze, denn in der Kürze liegt die Würze … und die ist im Englischen besonders spicy.

When you live life, live life fully.

Live life like its your last breath.

Live like you know it, does has to be like it seems.




You make your own reality.

You are the world.

Whatsapp Status Sprüche zum Nachdenken

Create what you desire!




Believe. It’s that simple.

Smile and keep going.

Smile is a weapon you shouldn’t underestimate.

Kurze Liebessprüche für WhatsApp Status

Make love your munition.

Englische Sprüche

Stay true to your self.

Loyalty to yourself is your guidance.

If you bounce, bounce back.

Lustige Sprüche für deinen WhatsApp Status

Leave, love our change.

Be what you wanna be.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

True forgiveness is hard, but it’s worse not to try.

What you want will come to you, when you know how to get it.

Lustige Sprüche zum Geburtstag

True being is hard in a world like ours, make it better.

Heaven and hell are on earth – you decide how your life looks like.

Let the heart be your guidance.

Left. Right. Left. Right. Either way. Just get Moving!

Kurze Sprüche für deinen WhatsApp Status

Move your body.

Dance. It’s magic.

When you can define your problems, you know what you have to work on.

If you feel the rain, you don’t get wet.

Rain is liquid sunshine. Kisses from the skies.

Love is the answer.

Remember but forgive. It’s better for you.

The moment is important.

Kurze englische Sprüche

Someday? Isn’t that the eighth day of the week?

Don’t go where it’s too hot for you.

Ich denk an Dich

Burn and shine. You can just do it one time.

If you do it. Do it right.

Being strong is a decision.

Being strong is a lives choice.

Coole englische Sprüche

Wer cool sein will, der macht das auf English … und damit auch nichts schief geht, haben wir die coolen Sprüche auf Englisch für alle Situationen zusammengestellt.

What’s cool is something you decide.

What you like and do is what you are.

Coole englische Sprüche

Once in glory, forever in glory.

Coole Sprüche für WhatsApp Status

Shine like the sun and create light.

No fear is necessary.

What you fear is what you create.

Unrevealing the mysteries of the universe is a pretty taff task, unrevealing the mysterious of oneself is not that easier, either.

When life gives you a lesson, it’s there to learn and LISTEN.

Life is like being on a surf board.

Ride life like a wave.

Water is supportive.

Water is pure. Use it.

Change when you feel like it.

What is cool, what is hot is a question of generations.

Life is a mystery. Unreveal it!

Today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow.

Bring a smile to every person and harvest the same.

Send out what you want to come back to you.

Burning flames are hot.

You can burn your self on an open flame.

Ice is cold.

The sun is warm.

It’s about perception.

Make life happening.

Be the change you wanna see in this world.

Be what you are and do what you feel like.

The morning is also just one part of a full day.

A but is a but is a but.

If you have tooth ache go to a dentist.

Try your best. How ever it looks like.

Give what you can and try what you are after.

Your life is as much challenging than you want it to be.

Yesterday was also a day where you could have started to change the world.

Love is in the air. Breath it.

The cool of today is the uncool of the tomorrow.

The uncool of yesterday is the cool of today.

Life changes. It’s that simple.

Yesterday was also a day where nothing happened.

Once a girl, every time a girl.

When you feel like singing, sing. When you feel like dancing, dance. Just feel free.

Schöne englische Sprüche

Die englische Sprüche ist schön … und wenn diese noch in schönen Worten und Sprüchen daher kommt, umso besser.

When your dream comes true, don’t hesitate. Take it!

Schöne englische Sprüche

When your dream comes true, don’t question.

Take what is there for you. You know it.

Schöne Sprüche

If you go and go with the flow. Take the universal wave and show how brave you challenge the task of the universe. Learn to converse, the language of love and compassion. Emerge from the feeling into action. Be what you feel and act what you are, than you are one of the million glowing universal soul stars.

What you can’t express in words, express it in actions.

Sometimes one word is enough to break a curse. Sometimes one word is enough to create the world.

Language is magical, when you know how to use it.

The raising sun carries a lot of magical energy.

The morning is the best time of the day. Everything is new, pure and innocent.

What you learn in this life, you don’t have to learn in your next one.

Each person has life challenges they have to grow on.

He is the dream. She the realization.

witzige englische Sprüche

Be happy. This is what life is about.

Try to get angry in a hammock. Impossible!

What you can in life and what you can’t is up to you.

Imagination is pure.

The beauty of our world lies in the perception of each on of us.

It’s about the vibe.

lustige englische Sprüche

A morning glory can have different meanings.

Have patient with those who don’t want to listen.

Have love for all creatures.

Your love is what you are.

Once an idiot. Always an idiot.

What makes you happy, tells a lot about your personality.

Good Morning, Vietnam is a steady reminder about the stupidness of our race. We don’t need an other Good Morning, Turkey.

Love life and be life.


You are beautiful. You are a legend. You are what I deserve.

I am you. You are me. Why can’t we just meant to be?

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